Capping and Sealing


          As a service to our customers, Container Manufacturing Inc. has installed an on-line capping and foil-sealing unit which is capable of sealing the angle pour spout of the tip “N”measure® or tip"N"pour® dispensing containers.

          Although many customers have installed their own equipment to cap the pour spout closure and the fill opening during the filling operation, most prefer that the containers arrive with the pour spout cap pre-applied and foil-sealed as illustrated in Figure 2.

          We stock both child resistant and standard closures with heat seal liners for every size finish. Due to our buying power, the closures we apply are priced very competitively. However, we are happy to apply and seal customer supplied closures.
          For anyone not familiar with induction sealing, the technology is quite simple. The typical induction-type inner-seal liner is composed of four basic elements laminated together before installation into the screw cap, as illustrated in Figure 1.
          While there can be significant variation in the actual materials used, the function of the elements does not change. The polymer film is selected to be compatible for welding to the particular bottle material being used and is permanently bonded to the bottle. The foil, which only serves as a heat-generating member, is bonded to the fibrous pulp backing material with a layer of wax. The entire laminated liner is then installed in the closure with a permanent glue bond between the pulp and the roof of the screw cap.
          Container Mfg., Inc. stocks heat seal liners for every bottle material available for the tip “N” measure® line of containers. In addition, we are happy to supply samples of foil sealed containers for your compatibility testing of bottle and cap.
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